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The (Almost) Complete Guide to Modern Email Marketing Stats

Email Marketing Stats

We’re a society obsessed with statistics. We want to know the slugger’s RBI, our kid’s GPA, our own BMI, our car’s MPG, the cost of living index, etc.

Email marketing is no exception. And so (drum roll, please)… I present to you a one-stop shop, the A to Z of modern email stats. With so many stats to share, I’m presenting this in a two-part post, beginning with A-K. Ladies and gentlemen, start your number crunching now.

A/B testing

74% of email marketers report having an “excellent” or “good” ROI, compared to just 37% who do not test.
– Econsultancy/Adestra Email Marketing Industry Census 2013 (based on a survey of more than 1,300 digital marketers)


47% of survey respondents said that automatically sending an email based on a trigger is somewhat effective with 43% responding it was very effective.
DMA Email Evolution Conference


For B2B companies, subject lines that contain “Money,” “revenue,” and “profit” perform the highest.

B2B buyers are most likely to share useful vendor content via email (79%), followed by LinkedIn (53%), Twitter (39%) and Facebook (18%).
Earnest Agency (UK)

The average email metrics for associations include a 98.15% delivery rate, 32.36% open rate, 21.08% click rate, and a .051% unsubscribe rate.
Informz 2013 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report

Email’s conversion rate was 81% higher than the average (2.89% vs. 1.6%) and 42% higher than the next-best performer, referrals (2.04%).
Optify’s B2BMarketing Benchmark Report

56% of businesses say they plan to increase their use of email marketing in 2013; email was second only to social media, which 60% of businesses said they plan to increase. SEO placed third with 41%.
– iContact, The Small and Midsize Business Email Marketing Survey 2013

64% of decision makers read their email via mobile device.


42% of online retailers perform copy optimization.
– 2012 International Email Marketing Summit

Day of week

Emails sent on Saturdays and Sundays had higher open, click, and transaction rates, but much lower volume. Monday emails had the highest revenue per email, but Friday had better click rates.
Experian 2012 Q4 Email Benchmark Report


Only 40% of marketers have direct dashboard access to click-through rate and deliverability/inbox placement rate.
– The Relevancy Group, The Email Marketing Measurement Imperative


Read rates by industry: finance, 27.5%, business, 24.3%; real estate, 20.1%; shopping, 15.2%.
Return Path Email Intelligence Report Q4 2012

Email clients

March 2013:
#1 Apple iPhone, 23% (-0.45)
#2 Outlook, 17%  (+1.45)
#3 Apple iPad, 11%  (+0.27)
#4 Apple Mail, 8%  (-0.28)
#5 Google Android, 8%  (-0.12)
#6 Live Hotmail, 7%
#7 Yahoo! Mail, 6%  (-0.53)
#8 Gmail, 4%  (-0.03)
#9 Windows Live Mail, 3% (-0.18)
#10 Yahoo! Mail Classic, 1%  (-0.16)
Litmus Email Market Client Share


Consumers want more email: 27% were more likely to say their favorite companies should invest more in email (33% vs. 26%).


1 in 2 marketers have used animated gifs in their email campaigns.
Experian email market study

Hotmail (

By the end of summer 2013, all 300 million-plus Hotmail users will be moved over to


In the last half of 2012, the iPhone and iPad represented 33% of all email opens.
Knotice Mobile Email Opens Report

Junk email

This year, about 84% of all email traffic will be spam.

Keywords in email

A study of over 1 billion B2B emails showed that keywords such as “money,” “revenue,” and “profit” performed well in subject lines.
Adestra B2B subject line analysis


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About the Author: Scott Hardigree is the Founder of Indiemark. Connect with him everywhere here.


Scott Hardigree
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