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Email Marketing Hall of Fame

Here you’ll find a small but growing list of examples of how to market, via email, effectively.

  1. Wrike: Welcome Email – Sometimes, a welcome email proves to be such a useful resource that recipients can repeatedly reference it as they engage with your product or service.
  2. ESPN: It’s Never Too Late – How They (Finally) Adopted Mobile Friendly Design.
  3. Litmus: Emotion Drives Sales Near the bottom of this post you’ll find a great example from Litmus which uses emotional email design and copywriting.
  4. Apple: Product Release Of course you’d expect tight, clean design from Apple but this most recent email for their new iPod nano, which from a pure impact perspective is impeccable.
  5. Surfline: Email List Rental This example demonstrates how the publisher can provide value to the marketer, all while winning the hearts and clicks of subscribers and prospects.
  6. A Focus on Relevance – One of the most important elements of an email message is its relevance to the recipient. If the recipient wants the message and divines purpose from said message, it’s likely to be a successful campaign. So that’s why I applaud for this message.
  7. Orbitz: How-to Use Surveys in Email See how Orbitz uses survey emails to build loyalty and gain greater customer insight.


If you’re an email designer, practitioner, manager, or you’re simply a fan of the craft we’d love to review your submissions. Please email Scott with the campaign details.