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Email Marketing Resources

Email Marketing White Papers, Guides and Slides

Free Email Campaign Checklist – To help you relieve campaign anxiety our friend Jordie van Rijn created this free (no registration required) email marketing checklist.

Email Design Look Book – A Spring 2012 snapshot of emails across multiple industries, including an email scorecard. Brought to you Email Institute.

Exploit the Power of the Welcome Email – In this free whitepaper, the good folks at Inbox Group explain why welcome emails play a hugely significant role in email marketing, offer tips on the content that goes into a winning welcome, and outline sample welcome email messages to inspire your own.

Mobile Email Marketing: Small Screen, Big Opportunity – These free webinar slides provide you with the strategy and tactics you need to plan, execute and analyze successful mobile email marketing campaigns. From a  joint webinar from Indiemark and Mass Transmit.

Email Marketing and Social Media Guide – When used correctly, social media can be a powerful and inexpensive addition to considerably extend the reach, engagement and success of your email marketing campaigns. Learn more from the guide from Lyris.

Email in the Age of Social Media – The rise of social media is intrinsically connected to email, which was itself the first social network. This helpful white paper from StrongMail suggests way that email marketers can leverage this complementary channel to expand their reach beyond the email list, realizing the power of viral marketing in the social web.

Email List Growth Best Practices and Techniques – A successful email list growth strategy is at the top of most email marketer’s list of primary concerns. This white paper from ExactTarget is a definitive document that outlines the best practices for list growth development.

Email Marketing Best Practices – This massive white paper from Proteus B2B contains more than 130 best practices, strategies, and tips for business-to-business email marketers. It’s long but very skimable.

6 Fixes to Dramatically Boost Email Marketing Results – Although it can be embarrassing, making a mistake is not the worst thing that can happen, so says this white Paper from Silverpop. The real problem is not learning from it. Unfortunately, not all email marketing mistakes are obvious and easy to address—yet they can still severely damage your program if left unaddressed. Following are six email marketing mistakes that can hamper and even hamstring a program’s ability to attract and retain subscribers, boost loyalty and increase revenues and return on investment.

Email Design No-No’s Guide for Non-Designers – While many of the recommendations in this guide from Lyris are about graphics, they’re not suggesting that you eliminate all of the graphics in your email designs. People are visual creatures and graphics make a positive impact. Just be sure that your designer knows how to make graphics work for your emails and not against them.

Email Marketing and the Customer Lifecycle – This paper from eROI explains how to respond to customers as individuals, and what to look for to when gaining and retaining customers.

How to Create High-Impact, Large-Volume Email Marketing Campaigns – This report from iContact provides key guidelines for successfully managing large volume email campaigns. It covers “major” drivers in obtaining such success, addressing the complexities of SPAM, email-recipient considerations, and strategic testing.

Engaging Your Subscribers Using Interactive Media in Email – This white paper from Bronto states that in a web 2.0 savvy world, the need for email marketers to be smarter with their email marketing tactics becomes even more of a necessity. When referring to email marketing, the terms “relevance” and “engagement” have been more than overused, but unfortunately, the message doesn’t seem to be hitting home to quite a few email marketers.

Use of Testing in Email Marketing – Ready to begin testing? Download this guide from eROI and get 32 different tests that can help improve every metric of your email program.

Statistics, Trends, and Benchmark Data

Compare your email marketing performance with this benchmark data (delivered, opened, click-through) from various sources to identify industry trends and compare your results against others:

Trailing 3 Months – Bronto
2009 by Industry – MailChimp
Q1 2009
– Epsilon
Q2-Q4 2008
– Email Stat Center

Email Marketing Articles an Events Resources

Designing Email for Mobile Devices – A How-to Guide

MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2010 – Key takeaways from each session, broken down by category