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Free Email Campaign Checklist

Ever get that uncomfortable feeling before sending out an email? That “is everything right” or “did I forget anything” feeling? You’re not alone.

To help you relieve your campaign anxiety Email Critic contributor, Jordie van Rijn of Email Monday, put his email marketing experience to work for you and created this Free Email Campaign Checklist. It has all the points you wanted to check and the ones you would normally forget.

This free email campaign checklist will help you to:

  • Get a gold medal for outstanding accuracy and eye for detail
  • Never be embarrassed in front of your colleagues or your entire email list
  • Add some strategic and technical flair to your newsletter improvements
  • Reduce mockery because of misspelled words, broken links and improper rendering
  • Impress the masses with email that not only look great, but is also just what the doctor ordered

Enough said, Grab Jordie’s email checklist here!
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Scott Hardigree
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