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4 Triggered Marketing Emails That Will Help You Engage Without Effort

Triggered Marketing EmailsChances are, your organization is using some kind of triggered marketing emails already. Perhaps it’s a welcome email or an order confirmation, or both of those and more.

Those automated emails can go a long ways to help grow and solidify your customer relationships, in addition to helping with your bottom line. But they have additional benefit that warrants investing even more time in your triggered email strategy: improved email deliverability.

Triggered emails tend to be timely, targeted and extremely relevant. That makes them more appealing to the recipient who is therefore more likely to open them. And every time your email is opened, the ISP counts that as engagement…which works to improve your sending reputation in the eyes of the ISP.

It might sound convoluted but really it’s not. Think of it this way: Triggered email = opened email = happy ISP = higher email deliverability rate. See? Simple!

Below are the most common types of triggered emails. Take stock of which ones you’re using—or not—and be sure each one is doing its best to work to your advantage, leading to opens, engagement and ultimately ROI. Once you’re happy with your existing triggered emails, consider adding one more to the mix moving forward. The more you use, the more you potentially benefit.

The Welcome Email

The welcome email is the no brainer of the triggered email world, yet it’s still sorely underused. This automated email offers very high open rates and sets the expectations of your prospect or customer relationship from the very beginning. If you use no other triggered email, use this one.

The Cart Abandon Email

People can abandon your website at one of two points: while at the site but before putting anything into the cart, or after putting something into the cart. Each scenario calls for a different kind of triggered email response, but each is worth the effort because the customer has proven herself to be already somewhat interested in buying from you. The response rates from these types of triggered emails can be potentially high, because you never know why someone clicked away. As a friend once told me, “It’s always ‘no’ until you ask.” Ask them to come back, or even use an incentive to entice them.

Confirmation Emails

Order confirmations, shipping notices, receipts…many options exist for sending confirmation emails automatically. And these types of transactional emails have very high open rates, because people actually look for them and await them.

Follow-up Emails

These are probably the least used of the triggered email options. But why not send a follow-up email a few days or weeks after an order has been fulfilled or a webinar attended? Ask for feedback or a review, or provide some helpful hints on getting more out the product or service purchased. You could even ask for photos of your product in use! People love to give their opinions, and to share their photos too.

Renewal Emails

Renewals can be wonderful ways to “touch” your customers when they are about to need more of whatever you’re selling. Magazine subscriptions are obvious, as are things like domain name renewals. But what about other purchases? Perhaps they ordered perfume that typically lasts six months, so it’s a good time to ping them to order more, for example. Or the horses are due for their vaccinations or the dog for his checkup.

Any of these triggered emails will help to increase your email deliverability. The more you use, the more you’ll benefit! If you need help setting up or refining your triggered email program, talk to your email consultant. The return on these types of automated emails makes them worth the time and effort to set them up initially…so you can engage effortlessly going forward.

About the Author: Marco Marini is the CEO of ClickMail Marketing and an acknowledged expert in email marketing with over a decade of experience in the field. Follow ClickMail on Twitter: @ClickMail

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  • by Jordie van Rijn - email marketing consultant
    Posted August 24, 2012 12:17 pm 0Likes

    I love Triggered email Marco!

    Triggered Email are like the spices a good recipe, without triggered email in your email program, it just doesn’t taste that good.

  • by Jim Morton
    Posted September 7, 2012 12:07 pm 0Likes

    I agree with Jordie. Used in conjunction with segmentation and dynamic content, we’ve seen triggered emails show remarkably high open and clickthrough rates. Too bad more people don’t realize the potential.

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