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Understanding Email Subscriber Psychology and Click Nuances

Designing an email tailored for your target audience requires relevant content, immaculate calls to action, appropriate use of design elements and catchy subject line. This post will delve into understanding email marketing from consumer viewpoints along with an attempt to identify the top point of sales for an email or newsletter.

Email marketing is one of the most sought channels of communication for marketers today. And why not? Given the wide reach and frequency, cost effectiveness and ability to communicate directly with the clients and prospects, Email Marketing is trending high in 2013 marketing calendars.

Marketers are battling out deliverability challenges, design and content encumbrances, list building and hygiene management difficulties and a lot more for the successful execution of an email campaign. What most marketers however do not consider is, designing an email after studying the viewer’s psychology.

So, what exactly is Email Subscriber Psychology and how does that affect their decision making?

Every email that is sent to a subscriber is not actually sent to a subscriber but to a virtual consumer who consumes email content, promotions and a lot more, every minute even when he is on the move. Some consumers crave information-based content, some for promotional content while some others for new products and company information. Designing an email after studying this psychology is vital. Sending promotional emails to an audience who loves information will be a criminal offense, penalizing ROI and conversions.


Let’s take a deep dive into these 3 types of email psychology identified here:


Subscribers who do not explicitly convey their needs but expect a certain kind of communication from their email company (the company who is to send them the offer/email). Such subscribers know what they want but because they have no place to convey the same while they subscribe, they set high expectations and assumes a certain communication every time a newsletter pops up in their inbox. These subscribers easily unsubscribe when they find their expectation not meeting up over time.

Companies need to create emails blending both promotional and informative content to ensure they have a robust stronghold on such demanders. Moreover, practicing a double opt in with frequency options in place will also help to tackle demanders in an excellent way.

Success Mantra: Promotional + Informative Content + Double Opt in + Thanksgiving + Feedback Surveys

Divine Angels

These are the kind of subscribers who have no expectation from their email company. They are brand loyal and like to consume whatever is passed to them. They have limited choices and have no demands in terms of the content as they like advocating their brand and support them at every step.

Companies having such loyal subscriber base really ought to be more meticulous with their email messages and marketing strategies. One wrong move can shed most subscribers. A wrong message can not only be restricted to content and image but also the kind of product launched, relationship marketing over time, continuity of the discount offers etc.

Success Mantra: Discount Offers + Thanksgiving + Better Product Quality + Buying Consultation


These subscribers are the conveyors. They convey what they like and how many days in a month will they like to consume the same. They will have specific choice and they will openly like to convey the same to the company asking for email permission. Exceeding the rulers permission ends up to spamming and increased unsubscribe.

Companies dealing with rules need to ensure they segment their list well before pressing send. Moreover, sending consumers what they like will also save the email company from the spam trap.

Success Mantra: Right Content + Right Time + Right Frequency

Takeaway: Email design and delivery is not just limited to the right content, unique design and ISP rules but it should be looked more from the bird’s eye view. Designing an email and delivering it wrapping up in a package your subscriber likes, would boost the ROI and make all the difference you have long craved!

About Author: Ravi is Sr. Accounts Manager with Email Monks. Email Monks offers fresh email design, template customization and design to HTML conversion services. Moreover, clients needing to integrate their templates with their Email Service Providers or require an email in responsive or scalable layouts can also join hands with Email Monks.

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  • by Jose Argudo
    Posted October 3, 2013 7:08 am 0Likes

    Interesting division on email subscribers, note though that a subscriber may change from one type to the other, so our email marketing campaign must keep their expectations

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