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Welcome Emails I Like: Wrike

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I sign up for email programs just to see if companies have welcome emails. And, if they do, how their welcome emails shape up. Are they useful? Or are they superfluous?

Sometimes, a welcome email proves to be such a useful resource that recipients can repeatedly reference it as they engage with your product or service. In the case of Wrike, a project management tool I’ve been testing out, that’s exactly how I view their simple yet effective (for me) welcome message.

Here’s how they brought me in after I signed up:

Welcome Emails

Let’s dissect this a bit:

  • The subject line: Though you can’t see it, it says “Welcome to Wrike: important links”. Not earth-shatteringly awesome, but straight to the point. Like any project management tool should be.
  • Easy access to account information: As someone who has a million memberships and just as many passwords, it’s nice to have at least one part of the puzzle displayed (although I did block it out). It’s also nice to be given links directly to the most useful portions of their platform for the work I intend to do. Nicely done.
  • Additional resources: Nice way to learn more about how to use the tool, with direct links from the email. I personally found the video tutorials to be quite useful, and would most likely reference this email again when needed.
  • Understanding the audience: The “Short on Time? Watch a recorded webinar,” section is a really nice touch. Understanding that someone using their tool may not have the time to schedule in the webinar is subtle, but extremely positive.
  • Welcome gift: It’s common to offer a special offer within the welcome email, and this one doesn’t miss out on that chance.

Nothing about this email overwhelms me in terms of design or creativity. But, welcome emails don’t necessarily need the flash to be effective. After all, as I’ve written before, simple really is better sometimes.

I’d love to see the metrics on this welcome message. I would imagine the click-through rates and total clicks for this message are quite positive.

About the Author: Scott Cohen is Vice President of Marketing at Inbox Group. He also writes on email marketing, fatherhood, sports, and politics on

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