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How to Use Humor in Email Marketing

Do you use your corporate personality to make your standard email marketing practices more engaging? If you’re anything like 99.9999999% of the email marketing universe, probably not.

We’ve all seen it; “if you are unable to view this email…”, “if you would to unsubscribe…”, or “if you’re on a mobile device…”. Where these messages are placed within the email newsletter itself is often dependent on the marketer’s stance on subscriber preference, the frequency in which they mail, and dozens of other strategic factors. However these short message, be they preference-based or mandated by law, are rarely used to further a company’s brand.

Below you’ll find a great example of how crowdSPRING, a creative services marketplace, uses humor to communicate their personality.


Here’s the excerpt: “Does this email look weird? View it in your browser. Want us to buzz off? Unsubscribe instantly.”

Their comical and lighthearted tone is communicated throughout the email and should work well with their audience of creative professionals.

My favorite snippet is “Given that crowdSPRING is only a team of 9 (and one highly trained dog), there’s really only so much we can get done in a day. And, truth be told, the dog probably gets more done in a day than the rest of us.

Good stuff.

Scott Hardigree
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