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The Perceived Value of Email Design

As email marketing continues to grow in both breadth and depth, I’ve observed that there is still surprising void in the supplier marketplace, those organizations that both create and improve the performance of the email message, or creative, itself.

In direct mail there are countless copy writers and designers who are charged with beating controls. In the online space there are companies that focus solely on improving the performance of corresponding high-converting landing pages. Even in email marketing there are many fine organizations that provide high-level optimization intelligence solutions.

Why then are there are few firms that provide comprehensive solutions that are specific to email marketing creative; companies that provide the strategy and creative and testing, from beauty to brains. Companies that create messages that are on brand, highly deliverable, and optimized.

This void cannot be due to a lack of need — so is it the perceived value of the offering? Does the perceived value keep away many would-be solution providers? To scratch this itch, I posted a poll on LinkedIn which asked:

What are you willing to pay for a professionally developed email creative?

– Nothing. We do it in-house.
– Less than $500
– $500-$1,000
– $1,000-$2,000
– More than $2,000

For me, I found the results and corresponding comments surprising to say the least. What say you?

Scott Hardigree
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