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Simple Really Is Better Sometimes

I have always been a fan of Timberland’s email marketing campaigns. The combination of aesthetics and messaging have always been a good fit for my “simple is better”  philosophy around marketing design. (When you’ve worked with local car dealers, you’ll understand why I feel that way.)

Anyway, while yes, I am about a month and a half late on reporting this email, I wanted to show you a great example of why I like Timberland’s campaigns:

Timberland Email Creative

Let’s dissect this bit by bit:

  • The Subject Line: I am a huge movie fan, and have always been able to ramble off movie quotes at the drop of a hat. So naturally, this subject line (“I coulda been a contender”) jumped out at me and appealed to the movie geek side of me. It also flows nicely into the content.
  • Strong, Simple Image: Timberland is known for its boots. It’s also a sponsor for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City (which is known for its snow). Talk about a great way to showcase your best product in the best surroundings while in a very nice way announcing your sponsorship. Excellently done.
  • Simple Yet Provocative Headline Content and Drive to Primary CTA: There is a bit of fun in the headline, and I appreciate that they’re not necessarily trying to sell product first. They really are putting the event first. Simple. Effective. I dig.
  • Navigation, Preheader, and Mobile are all there: Timberland didn’t miss the basics in this, but also didn’t allow the basics to get in the way of the primary message. Top header has four simple navigation buttons. The primary CTA is two buttons. And the “recovery” area has three simple links.

Simple, simple, simple. The more options you give your customers, the less likely they are to make a decision. Make it simple. Make it easy.

About the Author: Scott Cohen is Vice President of Managed Services at Inbox Group. He also writes on email marketing, fatherhood, sports, and politics on

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